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How to convert an application developed in ProWorx Plus V1.65 to Concept V2.6 software.

ProWorx Plus is DOS based software. However, the offline databases for ProWorx Plus and ProWorx NxT are identical. The offline database can be opened in either software packages.
The step wise procedure for converting a ProWorX NXT database to a Concept 984 Ladder Logic project is as follows:
  1. Open the Proworx NXT database.
  2. Write the database to a controller.
  3. From the ladder logic screen go to File - Utilities - Import / Export
  4. Export the Concept .TXT file.
  5. Connect to the controller with Concept.
  6. Upload the ladder logic and configuration from the controller.
  7. With your Concept database open, go to File - Import - Variables: Text delimited - User defined
  8. Check the allow modification of existing variables and import your saved Concept .TXT file.
This process illustrates the procedure for converting ProWorx database to Concept 984 Ladder Logic database. ProWorx NxT Symbols are exported and converted into variables. Similarly, descriptors become comments but all other documentation part does not get exported.
FA21084  |  21-Dec-2012  | Programming
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