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  • How to conserve resources from the emergency room to the executive office

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Schneider Electric enables hospitals to see, measure, and manage their entire infrastructure. Achieve up to 30% in energy savings by managing energy use across your facility. In green hospitals, patients are discharged an average of 2.5 days earlier than inregular ones. Source: American Society for Healthcare Engineering

Only StruxureWare for Healthcare provides the real-time hospital infrastructure data you need

In today’s economy, keeping your hospital financially healthy without risking patient safety is a daunting task. As the second most energy-intensive buildings after restaurants, hospitals require energy 24/7 — and it doesn’t come cheap:

  • Energy costs are 1 to 5% of the average hospital’s total operating budget. 
  • High energy demand with limited supply is driving up the cost of energy. 
  • Hospitals must constantly add new energy-reliant technology to better serve their patients.

The key to balancing energy costs and the health of a hospital is through energy management. Only StruxureWare™ for Healthcare software suite brings your entire healthcare infrastructure to your fingertips so you can see and track your energy use, reduce waste, and optimize the energy you do use, resulting in up to 30% in energy savings.

Schneider Electric helps hospitals gain energy savings and improve infrastructure efficiency. Find out how.
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