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    • How to launch a Smart Cities initiative

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    Our younger generation will see the global urban population double within their lifetime.

    5-step approach makes cities more efficient, livable, and sustainable

    Today’s cities cover only 2% of the planet’s surface but hold 50% of the world’s population. They also generate 80% of the global CO₂ emissions, and consume 75% of the energy.

    In less than 40 years, the percentage of city dwellers will jump to 70% — our younger generation will see the global urban population double within their lifetime. In both emerging and mature economies, such explosive growth presents challenges to our existing city infrastructures. However, opportunities exist to make cities much “smarter” when it comes to energy management.

    5-step practical approach to creating Smart Cities

    Schneider Electric’s methodology combines a bottom-up, systems-centric approach with top-down, data-driven actionable intelligence:

    Step 1: Setting the vision

    Step 2: Bringing in the right technology

    Step 3: Integrating the systems

    Step 4: Leveraging innovative business models

    Step 5: Driving collaboration

    Cities are a complex web of interconnected systems, and each city faces its own challenges. By following this methodology, city planners can build more efficient, livable and sustainable Smart Cities.

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