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    • Now reinvest savings in healthcare services

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    Properties managed by Regionservice serve as prime examples of energy efficiency to other regions “By working with Schneider Electric, we have in a short time been able to carry out extensive improvements; improvements that the organization would never have been capable of on its own.” – Jonas Larsson, Energy Strategist, Regionservice

    How Regionservice partnered with Schneider Electric for $2.8 million annual savings

    Regionservice, an organization that manages 31 healthcare facilities across Region Skåne in Sweden, is no stranger to energy challenges. That’s why they turned to Schneider Electric to develop a strategy that:

    • Tackled energy and maintenance costs
    • Reversed negative cost trends for its aging property portfolio
    • Reduced energy consumption through better meter structuring and energy monitoring

    Schneider Electric has guaranteed 85% of estimated heat savings for these EPC (Energy Performance Contracting) projects. Major updates in the first phase included:

    • Installation of new heat recuperation unit in the ventilation systems
    • Refurbishing of district heating sub-stations
    • Replacement of valves and actuators and installation of new meters
    • Installation of water saving nozzles at tap outlets
    • Improvements to lighting efficiency using fluorescent lamps with voltage reduction systems
    • Training of maintenance personnel

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