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    Technology and best-practices helping the mining industry exceed its environmental performance


    Metsänäkymä, kestävän kehityksen raportit, ympäristö

    Sustainability and productivity can co-exist

    Meet production efficiency goals while exceeding sustainability objectives.
    Gas drilling installation

    Our Solutions for Sustainability

    Why work with Schneider Electric?

    • Vaihtoehtoinen oletusteksti The leader in energy efficiency From strategy to deployment to performance, we deliver efficiency throughout the entire energy management life cycle.
    • Prosumer-kuvake Integrated process and energy efficiency As experts in process control and energy efficiency, Schneider Electric understands the value of managing energy as a production variable.


    • Vaihtoehtoinen oletusteksti Mining accounts for 2-3% of the total water consumed in Australia.
    • Vaihtoehtoinen oletusteksti From extraction to disposal, US Mining companies use up to 3,000 gallons (11,300 liters) of water per ton of coal.
    • Sininen nousevan käyrän kuvake It is estimated that the market for water treatment in hard-rock mining will double in the next five years.
    • Sininen testattu ja vahvistettu -kuvake Obtaining the permits and approvals needed to build a mine in the U.S. takes an average of seven years.
    • Default Alternative Text Energy costs can constitute over 15% of total mining and mineral processing costs.
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